Accreditation by the Chinese Ministry of Education of the project to create a « UTSEUS master's degree of Shanghai University »

    Following the signature in July 2019 of the agreement on the creation of a Master's degree at the Sino-European School of Technology of Shanghai (UTSEUS) in the speciality Mechatronics by Shanghai University and Universities of Technology (UTBM, UTC, UTT), the Chinese Ministry of Education officially approved the project by early March 2020, publishing the accreditation valid for an initial period of 5 years.

    This is the culmination of the preparatory work carried out by the French and Chinese teams, punctuated by the visits of the directors of the universities of technology to Shanghai throughout 2019.

    This new programme will be the first at this level since the creation of UTSEUS in 2005.

    The convention signed intends that the new “UTSEUS master course of SHU” receives in a soon future the accreditation of the French commission in Engineering (CTI) (“Admission by the French State”), and allows for award of a national French Master’s degree in jointly accredited by the Universities of Technology.

    This “UTSEUS master course of SHU”, dedicated to mechatronics – in the wider context of “Cyber-Physical Systems”, will recruit about 100 Chinese and French students each year, including 25 students from universities of technology.

    This new programme is an important extension of the bachelor level education system of UTSEUS. The aim is to implement, within Shanghai university, an integrated system inspired from the French engineering model and experience, so as to train future high-level talents able to succeed in an intercultural and international environment.