Researchers from China Electronics Technology Group Corporation Visited UTSEUS

    On the morning of April 18, 2019, Mr. Chen Jie, deputy director of the 21st Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation and director of the Robot Engineering Center, Mr. Wang Weijun, deputy director of the Engineering Center, and engineer Mr. Wang Chunlei visited UTSEUS to discuss about school-enterprise cooperation and research projects on the design of electric joint modules. Zhang Yicha, associate professor of University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard, Liu Wanyu, dean of UTSEUS, and Prof. Du Jinxin, hosted the researchers warmly and made in-depth discussions.

    The 21st Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation was founded in 1963. It is a professional research institute engaged in the development and production of micro-motors and components. Researchers there have developed more than 2,000 varieties of micro-motors and components, and won more than 340 major scientific and technological achievements awards at the national, ministerial and municipal levels. The products currently being developed includes 15 categories and more than 980 varieties and specifications, which are widely used in aerospace, aviation, ship, information, transportation, medical and home appliances. The Institute attaches great importance to the cooperation with Shanghai University. It is very optimistic about the scientific research strength of UTSEUS and the French UT Group, especially in the research project of “Multi-DOF Electric Joint Module (Shoulder) Design Based on 3D Printing”.

    The discussions between the two parties are fruitful, and they are full of confidence in the prospects of school-enterprise cooperation and scientific research cooperation projects in the future.