UTSEUS Held the 2019 General Meeting of Staff and Faculty

    On the afternoon of May 5th, 2019, UTSEUS held the first 2019 General Meeting of Staff and Faculty in Room 306, which reported the focus of work in the first half of this year and commended the outstanding employees in the past two years.

    First of all, Vice dean Xu Tao explained in detail the content of the core task of UTSEUS as an international cooperative school, and put forward that all the faculty should actively improve the development strategy and select the key resources. Meanwhile, combing with the advantages of international education, UTSEUS aims to pursue greater development in collaboration.

    Vice President Lei Zuosheng made a mobilization report on the admission work in 2019. The teaching mode and talent training of UTSEUS have been recognized by both enterprises and students. The Wechat official account becomes more popular, but there is still much room for improvement in the admission and promotion methods. In May and June this year, UTSEUS calls on all the faculty to join the admission delegation, providing convenience for students who want to apply to UTSEUS.

    French Dean Marc and Dean Liu Wanyu summarized and combed the main work progress of the first half of the year. The master’s program has made substantial progress. Recently 149 juniors and seniors were selected to pursue further study in France in August. Ten groups of students would participate in the Crunch time in Mid-May with corporate personnel on site. The data analysis of smart office system and student life cycle are in progress, and a French online course platform is being planned, which is open to both inside and outside of campus.

    At the end of the meeting, the leaders commended the outstanding Chinese and French employees in the past two years. The Party Secretary Liu Jianyong, Dean Liu Wanyu, and French Dean Marc personally presented awards to the personnel. All the faculty agree that every ordinary post has extraordinary meanings and responsibilities, and they sincerely hope that UTSEUS will build a brilliant future.