Companies: recruit engineering students interns and graduates!

    The French universities of technology (located in Shanghai, Belfort-Montbéliard, Compiègne, Troyes) train more than 9000 future engineers.

    Every year from 2011, 130 Chinese engineers graduate from the French Universities of technology after being enrolled in a 3-year Bachelor programme at UTSEUS, in Shanghai, where they get a trilingual initial training in one of the 4 engineering majors : computer science and engineering, mechanical engineering, material science, bio-engineering.

    From 2015, every semester in average 25 international students (mostly French citizens) who are Master-level (4th or 5th year) are enrolled in vocational education programmes between September and January, or between March and July. A part of them chooses to stay in Shanghai for their final 6-month internship before graduation.

    The engineering trainings at the universities of technology cover a large scope of engineering disciplines among which computer science and engineering, mechanical engineering and mechatronics, material science, networks and telecommunications, urban systems engineering, industrial systems engineering and management, energy, process engineering, bio-engineering, etc.

    Details about each training and majors available on the websites:,,

    To submit internship offers to students (in China, France, …)

    At UTSEUS, contact the Deputy Dean for education, Prof. Lei: (Bachelor students in year 4)

    At UTSEUS, contact the international Master-level programmes manager:

    At UTBM, contact the coordinator of engineering studies internships:

    At UTC, submit your offer on the online platform:

    At UTT, contact the professional placement support:

    To propose a job to graduates (in France, China, …)

    At UTSEUS, contact Mr Zhou, in charge of students affairs:

    At UTBM, contact the manager of industry partnerships:

    At UTC, submit your offer on the online platform:

    At UTT, contact the professional placement support office:

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